Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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Trailer parks, social signals and the Borker gets busted

Trailer parks, social signals and the Borker gets busted

Welcome to (yet another?) week on SEO Dojo Radio. This week we had so much goodiness on our list we've forgone a guest and will spend the full hour with the regulators. Yea I know, you are just THRILLED by that right? We're the reason you come here I'm sure.

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Regardless, it should be an interesting session as we're getting into a ton of stuff including;

  • Marissa Mayer speaks! Latest on local.
  • Trailer Park SEO? Really?
  • Social Signals; the engines speak...sort of.
  • Is structure truly the king of SEO?
  • Google News adds social box
  • Bad Borker gets busted
  • Groupon; an offer they COULD refuse
  • The Around (operator) has always been around

And believe it or not, a few other topics on the list. How many we'll get to, is uncertain. So tune in and lets 'Get it on!'.


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