Friday, April 18, 2014
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WOW! SEO Dojo Radio is One yr. old!

What started out as Dave and I shootin' the shit wid' "link automater extraordinaire" Rob "Contempt" Adler and taping it evolved into two podcasts and growing. I am thinking about another show on a platform to be named later. Might not even be SEO related. As we know that first show was just the start of something that has continued to evolve with the addition of Justin Parks Social Media Consultant and Feydakin AKA Steve Gerencser of Steam Driven Media becoming semi-regulars on the first few shows and official Co-Conspirators in "the Regulators" a few months later!

The Regulators

the Regulators "it ain't easy havin' pals!"

"the Regulators" name comes from the Movie Young Guns. I'm a bit of a Western movie fan so it wasn't long before the references to it started. Initially the show was referred to internally as the Regs or "the Regulars" then I started calling it "the Regulators" partially cuz it fits our podcast style as we kinda' monitor the SEO news for the usual craphat technique or test or other such nonsense. The Tagline was the original Movie tagline and well it's very true about the four of us! It's in a great kinda' camaraderie where we may argue and make fun of one another... but... I know for me these are friendships I'll have for life!

Let's get it on!


With a Social star, a charity marketing maverick and a coupla' search and dev geeks how could "the Regulators" not be totally mind blowing awesome! SEO Dojo wunderkind Darren Shaw sat in on a show or two and is nice to have around in the lounge droppin' a link here or there, and tellin' us how "the hardest working tool in local citations" is doing!  I know I can speak for the whole gang when I say we appreciate Darren and all the tweets, RTs and mentions by our Brutha' and Sista' Dojo peeps! Most of all we are amazed by the public response. We can't say enough about how happy we are you are all joining us on the trail to SEO enlightenment!

The bottom line is that "the Regulators" would meet once a week regardless of the show. We are just 4 guys who like sittin' round shootin' the breeze and having some good laughs! IMO, that's what makes the show unique, fresh and entertaining! I know I can say for the rest of the boys "we hope you like it like that!" you keep downloadin' 'em, we'll keep makin' 'em!

Some Favorite "the Regulators" Shows

The Regulators: I've a Horse Outside!  Justin was away doin' wahatever it is the stars do in their spare time... and Steve was in Tennessee settin' up the new homestead so Dave and I explored the connections in the Social Graph (which Google dropped for the most part when they dropped Twitter and RTS) came across something we believe no one else has reported. We found connections that went beyond the primary connections and where information was strung together from Google Profiles, the footer of a site and more! Course there was this crazy vid floatin' round the Dojo that we just had to share...yet agin'! download episode

I've Gotta Bleedin' Horse Outside!

The Regulators March 03 2011: Steve's Bitches are back as he's got a few classic posts on the list. After that the guys spent some time talking about the Overstock affair, Google's latest (thin content) algorithm update, social search and more. download episode

A happy holiday rant. Steve gets stomped and Barry Schwartz drops by
Topics are: the great indexation debate, RDFa or Microformat?, RockMelt review, social signals for search?, SEO is Undead – Bill goes on a tear!  download episode

The Regulators: Schemin' Schema org, What is a Ranking Signal and Panda Goes Postal! Panda update; Schemin'; Video Previews in SERPs; Google announces rel="Author" attribute; Google dumps support for IE 7; T asks do they know what is a ranking signal?; Marketing to a younger audience on Social sites
download episode

And because we Love You all.... A Panda Goes Postal!

The Regulators: Google +1 Vs. Regulators -1 This week on the Regulators the boys discussed the present and possible future of the Google +1 button!;Trouble in the house of Google?;From the boards: comment links and page segmentation; Speaking of the Panda, Terry posted a vid about PR News Wire; Exact match domains; changes are a comin'?; Ross loses it about 'link building'. download episode

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